Against stereotypes

Contrary to popular stereotypes, men also like to have nice and fitted shoes. Our store „Kacper” offers high-quality leather men’s shoes tailored to the needs of people who like comfort and quality, and those who focus on elegance and unique design. We always try to follow the trends prevailing in the world of fashion, while maintaining shoes whose style is timeless.


For the most demanding

We are aware that every man’s foot is different and needs different shoes. That is why we try to ensure that our „Kacper” footwear has a large range of sizes – we start with size 36 and end with 48. In addition, the footwear we produce does not have „standard” dimensions – the dimensions of all shoes differ, so that each of them You will be able to choose footwear tailored to your individual needs in the Kacper store.


Leather shoes tailored to the customer’s needs

The variety of our „Kacper” footwear is also ensured by the multitude of cuts that we offer. These include, among others, sandals (those more and less covering the foot), elegant and everyday shoes and more or less massive shoes. We can offer you comfortable leather shoes for every occasion and season, thanks to which you will feel comfortable in all conditions and situations. Our footwear is made of the highest quality materials ensuring high durability, comfort in use and safety for the foot.


We focus on quality and individualism!

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