Dr. Wellness health shoes are manufactured with therapeutic use. It is to be constructed in such a way as to help sick, sensitive feet, increase the comfort of walking and relieve pain.
Sensitive feet require footwear which, from the orthopedist’s point of view, should have the following properties:
– increased thickness
– higher tip
– grooves on the inner surface corresponding to the shape of the sole of the foot
– a heel height of 3-4 cm, and the elastic heel itself, absorbing the contact of the heel with the ground
– upper made of soft leather that easily adapts to the deformation of the foot.

Dr Wellness shoes are characterized by high comfort, easy erection, increased strength, natural outer materials, skin-friendly, materials contain silver ions, which make the shoes antibacterial, light, flexible, non-slip soles and a wide range of adjustments.
Footwear is recommended for people with foot disorders:
– valgus
– varus
– flat feet
– hammer fingers
– bunions
– heel spurs

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